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Health & Safety

Statement of Intent

It is the stated intention of Richardson Decorating Contractors to manage our affairs in such a manner that the saftey and welfare of our workforce is ensured to the greatest extent possible. We encourage a culture of openness and cooperation within our workforce at all levels to ensure that practical, achievable safety standards are agreed and maintained by everyone within the organisation.

Good safety management begins with the commitment of senior managemant to ensure that the responsibilities and arrangements detailed within this document are carried out fully.

It is our commitment that when making changes, that these changes will be for the better and will result in improved standards of safety and health for our workforce. This commitment extends to the procurement of new plant and equipment, new chemicals or products, new means of access or egress and new training for personnel at all levels within the company.

Senior management accept that keeping up to date on matters of health and safety is an essential part of their role. Our duty extends to the public, other contractors and anyone else who could be affected by our work, and we will consider all parties affected by our works when managing risk.

The person within this organisation with overall responsibility for health and safety is Guy Richardson.

View our signed Health and Safety Policy.

Please note that we operate a fully reviewed Training Programme. We also employ the additional services of an external Health and Safety advisor (HCS Southampton) to advise us and audit the company yearly.

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